Delana Bettoli: Artist and Illustrator of Paintings, Children's Books and Children's Educational Materials


Animals • Ocean • Trees • Sky

When I was very young, I had a pet crow named Junebug. I thought he was a person, he thought I was a crow. We were the same age, kindreds. He sat close enough to examine my crayons... while I memorized the strange geometry of his wing feathers. Later there were red hens and an aqua parakeet, each a living design... with a beak. Birds and I have History. They gather in my art, lending balance and energy (even my fish are flying).

I am a painter with an illustrator's heart, preferring that my images are clear, rendered convincingly, but with a note of drama or playful tension. I like to think it's obvious that there is joy in my work, brought forward even from childhood and my spirited 'raven-buddy'. Once you lose the fun of it, I am convinced it will show on the painted page. So, I stay joyful.

all artwork created by delana bettoli © 2008 - 2013